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Will there ever be a charge in the future?

Foxy Feeds is a completely free tool that promises no extra costs for the entirety of your use on the platform. You can find all the information in the ‘sign up free’ section on our website. We also offer an alternative tool under the name, ChannelPilot. This tool comes with additional features that you can access for a starting fee of $29.

Last update on 14.07.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

Can I use Foxy Feeds for more than one shop?

Foxy Feeds was designed to handle a single feed per account. 

Last update on 14.07.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

Can I also include channels that are not already listed on Foxy Feeds?

Possibility of manual set up of channels. Please contact us about this matter via our contact form.
If you believe any channels or portals should be added to our portfolio please get in touch – we will be more than happy to consider your suggestions.

Last update on 14.07.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

Where can I find the formulas that we will implement in Foxy Feeds?

Here you can find the catalog with the most relevant formulas that you can apply to optimize your catalog in Foxy Feeds: download

Last update on 21.07.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

What are the requirements for using Foxy Feeds?

You have an online shop and your customers are able to order your products online.

Last update on 14.07.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

How will the updates be carried out on Foxy Feeds?

Updates in the system will be carried out overnight. This prevents any interference for our users. New functions are always made available to all customers and we will inform you in advance about any changes.

Last update on 14.07.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

Can I connect my online shop with marketplaces?

Marketplaces (online e-commerce marketplace) require complex API connection so they can be connected to an online shop. Foxy Feeds does not have this connection available. In case you are looking for something like this, we can suggest you ChannelPilot.

Last update on 27.02.2019 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

How many products can I manage on Foxy Feeds?

There is no limit to the number of products you can manage. The only limitation is the size of your product data feed, it can´t be larger than 100MB.

Last update on 08.06.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

Can I access Foxy Feeds on my smartphone, computer and tablet?

Foxy Feeds was designed and developed to be used "cross-platform“. You can use Foxy Feeds on popular devices such as tablets, smartphones or computers. The display is set up to automatically fit any screen sizes.

Last update on 08.06.2016 by Marc-Aurele Fowa Takone.

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