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In multi-channel marketing, data feeds are mandatory for online shops to display their product portfolio across channels. So what are data feeds? In short: data feeds are files made up of a list of products and attributes of those products organized so that each product can be displayed, advertised or compared in a unique way. As an online merchant,ascribing product attributes to your data feed allows your customers and user to find your products online easily because data feeds are sources by which shopping channels derive descriptive information about the merchant’s products. In essence, it is very important to have a clean and optimized product data feed. For merchants who sells a large range of products on their web shop, they will need more time for their data feed to be optimized and that being said the chances of mistakes within the product feed is much higher. Then, what is the solution for online merchants? Foxy Feeds, your Feed Management Tool. Foxy Feeds integrates many e-commerce functions on a single platform and is particularly effective for data feed optimization for the merchant in any industry. Most data feed management tools, however, are not for free. But with Foxy Feeds, online merchants can handle with their list of products completely free for best results in product data marketing. With Foxy Feeds, the users upload their product data feed of their online shops and connect their product feeds automatically to more than 2000 online sales channels. For example: comparison search engines, affiliate and retargeting networks, product listing ads and applications. Within the tool, you can adjust the imports and distribution with filters and formulas for revenue increase and cost decrease. Foxy Feeds, a free and cloud-based platform, updates your feed every 6 hours and support unlimited amount of clicks. Merchants can upload unlimited number of products and connect to unlimited number of channels internationally. In addition, you can utilize the feed optimization feature to get the best product data feed for your web shop. The online shop merchant can be at ease knowing that Foxy Feeds, acting as a middleware, will handle many aspects of their online marketing campaigns. With the help of Foxy Feeds, the merchant can save time, costs and resources in terms of listing across multiple channels.

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